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Parent Teacher Fellowship at Whitefield Academy

I’m Annie Alexander and I recently took on the role of 2020/2021 PTF President. PTF – Parent/Teacher Fellowship was created to promote interaction, communication, and cooperation among parents and teachers in order to provide for excellence in the development of our students. We rely on parent involvement – because many hands make the work light.  A lot of tasks are small & quick, but there are many.  Feel free to email me or your class coordinator if you are willing to help with any small tasks that pop up throughout the year.  And be sure to keep your eyes open for the Friday email This Week At Whitefield – we rely on everyone to read those!

PTF includes all parents! The organization runs smoothly thanks to an Exec board, all the class coordinators (1 per class), and a liaison who works in the main office. All main positions are filled at this time, except the VP role – someone who I can bounce ideas off and help assist when needed at most an hour a week. (Maybe I can appoint someone if no one volunteers!!)

PTF helps coordinate school-wide events:

  • Back to School coffee 

  • Fall Fest 

  • Serve Day (fundraiser)

  • Teacher Appreciation weeks

  • Christmas Programs

  • Christmas Teacher Luncheon 

  • Decorating the school for Christmas

  • April Parent Breakfast

  • May Teacher Luncheon 

  • Graduation

  • Class field trips & parties 

We welcome feedback and ideas, please drop a note in the PTF mailbox in the office (you can sign it…or not 😉 or email me at Annie.Alexander[email protected].

Serving on PTF or helping your PTF classroom coordinator with tasks for the teacher is a great way to get involved and meet others and truly be part of this amazing Whitefield community!  The saying is true – you will get out of it what you put into it!  Looking forward to the challenging and fun times ahead! Thank YOU ahead of time for helping us make this a GREAT year!

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