Whitefield Academy Art Show


Students, Parents, and Friends –

In times like these, it is my feeling that we need art more than ever! Although our Spring Art Show cannot be seen in-person at this time, our students have simply made too much great art for me to keep it to myself. Although there are many projects that remain unfinished, there are stacks of wonderful work still waiting to go home, sculptures that students themselves have not even seen!

Our Art Show will be displayed on campus at the earliest possible date, but in the meantime, let’s celebrate what our students have achieved! Every Grammar School student is represented here through a piece of art. Many of our Upper School artists are also represented – as many as who had work that I could track down. There are still many surprises to be revealed by all of our Whitefield artists!

It is truly an honor to continue to share the joy and satisfaction of creativity with our students.

Matt Appling

Upper School artists focused on printmaking and ceramic sculpture this year. Sculpture students in Logic School created tiny houses and animals. Rhetoric school sculptors created abstract vessels and “altered animals,” some of the largest sculptures ever built at Whitefield! Printmaking students mastered the arts of linocut, etching and silkscreen printing to create images that can be reproduced dozens of times.

Seventh and eighth graders got into the Sculpture Lab for the first time to get their hands dirty in Ceramic Arts. Look at all the variety in their miniature houses!

Pre-K and TK students had a full and messy time in the Art room. Some days they drew and painted – to make colorful trains. Other times they were cutting and gluing to make funny masks or snowmen. They even got their hands dirty a few times, when painting flowers or corncobs.
Kindergartners had a full year! They made rainy day pictures – many with rainbows, reminding us that all rainy days come to an end. They looked at the work of Piet Mondrian to create their colorful, blocky compositions and the paintings of Claude Monet to create some wonderful waterlilies! They also learned about geometric shapes to create some very unique “monsters” and one of my favorites – cardinals in winter.

First grade artists did some printmaking to produce some delicious donuts, created fantastic under-the-sea pictures, self-portraits, and vases of flowers. They sculpted turtles out of clay – a “first” for first graders! And they studied the work of Alexander Calder to create their circus animals.

First Graders voted unanimously to do a never-before-done first grade clay project – turtles! They loved shaping the clay and stamping their turtle shells with different designs.

Second graders tied their artwork into classroom studies with Egyptian-style portraits. They also created castles, textured fall flowers, and emulated the traditional paintings of China and Japan.

Third graders got into printmaking for the first time. After reading “The Bee,” they created beehives – printing with bubble wrap, and creating their own bee prints. They designed clothes for the Masaii people of Kenya and practiced perspective with some detailed cityscapes.

Fourth graders created intricate woven patterns, moody winter woods and sculpted tiny landscapes. They studied the work of Mary Blair, influential artist for Disney to paint fantastical castles, and the portraits of Gustav Klimt to make some very lifelike, bedazzled self-portraits.

Fifth graders created fun, colorful self-portraits and illuminated monograms. They studied the paintings of Wayne Theibaud to create realistically shaded cakes, the experiments of Picasso to make cubist-style instruments, and the sculpture work of the Native American cultures of the Pacific Northwest to create some fascinating animal totems.

Sixth grade students took on challenging projects. They created custom chess boards, sculpted miniature coral reefs, and studied the work of Georgia O’Keeffe and Roy Lichtenstein to create pictues of skulls and self-portriats.

Whitefield Art-at-Home

We have seen some amazing artwork coming in through Whitefield-at-Home! What a joy to see how our students invest themselves in creativity. From tiny bedrooms, to miniature cities and amusement parks to sidewalk art and kitchen counter drawings and paintings – the Whitefield community celebrates art and creativity in our children!

To learn more about Whitefield’s Art-at-Home program and to get free video art tutorials now click below: