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10 Summer Job Ideas for Your Teen

by | May 30, 2019 | Extracurriculars, Parenting, Upper School | 0 comments

Spring break is over, and we are entering the home stretch toward summer! Time for your teens to start figuring out a summer job that will fill their hours and their wallets, plus learn some valuable life lessons. Here are some tried and true ideas for jobs that will keep your teen occupied all summer long.

Babysitting/Pet Sitting

The classic teen summer job. Parents always need babysitters for date nights, but encourage your teen to find a family with working parents who need a sitter during the day. Your teen can even offer combined sitting to two families, pooling their resources and their kids, making an opportunity for an even larger paycheck. And kids aren’t the only ones who need to be watched during the day. Pet sitting can be a great gig for the animal-loving teen, and house sitting is easy peasy.

Refereeing/Score Keeping

This was my husband’s job in the summers at his local Parks and Rec department. Baseball and softball teams need refs and score keepers for all those hundreds of games under the moth-infested lights. A great job for someone who likes sports and likes to be outside. Plus, it’s helpful when the Royals are in the World Series and your wife has a lot of questions about scoring.

Food Service

Food service covers a variety of jobs from hostess to waiter, restaurant cashier to car hop. Immediately you may think of local restaurants and coffee shops, but don’t forget about retirement communities! My brother worked in high school and college as a waiter at one of the Brookdale locations.


Brings to mind the movie The Sandlot, doesn’t it? Excellent way to learn some practical life-saving skills and get exposure to the field of emergency response. Lifeguards can also offer swim lessons in their spare time. Just make sure they pack sunscreen!

Grocery Store

Whether it’s sacking or stocking, grocery stores are great places for first time jobs. They are usually known for hiring younger kids as well. Plus, your teen can pick up your groceries for you on her way home. Win/win.  There are also stocking opportunities at a lot of warehouses around town.


Working at a country club as a caddie can be a fun job for someone who doesn’t want to stay inside. Great opportunity for older teens to meet people, build relationships, and do some networking.  Teens can also get discounts on playing a few rounds themselves!

Camp Counselor

I love camp; yes I do! I love camp, how ’bout you?! Do you have a super peppy teen who loves kids? Then maybe camp counseling is a good route for them! There are a lot of local day camps that vary in theme from sports to the arts and beyond.  Even the zoo has opportunities!


Whether its starting their own mowing business or joining a professional team, landscaping is a perfect job for your teen to stay active while still making some cash. If he or she chooses this one, let me know because we need someone to mow our yard.


Have a teen who prefers air conditioning? Retail might be the way for them to go! The greatest perk is always the discount, but beware! This might shrink the size of the take-home paycheck!


My husband’s other summer job was house painting. This skill proved very useful when we graduated during the financial crisis with no job prospects in sight! He painted houses until the job market got better. We’ve always been grateful for that skill he learned as a teen.

Finding the Perfect Job

Your teen can always walk into a business and ask if they are hiring, but almost always, the best way to find a job is through networking. Have your teen ask around at church and school and talk to dance instructors, coaches and administrators. Knowing someone in the business is a great way to get a leg up and speed through the hiring process. Summer jobs are perfect for bringing in a paycheck, but they are also perfect opportunities for your teen to try out a sample version of a career they might be interested in. You never know when the skills they gain over the summer can come in handy in their adult lives!


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