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An Interview with Pre-K and TK

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The fact that our littlest students are able to be in in-person is a blessing that is not lost on our families and our faculty. Having our Pre-K and TK students in our classrooms and on our playground instead of in front of a screen is something that we know is unique and precious in Kansas City today.

But how do our students feel about it? I wanted to know what exactly it is that our 4 and 5 year olds love about their school, so I grabbed a pad of paper and went down to the lunchroom for some heavy-hitting and extremely adorable interviews with Pre-K and TK, asking them, “What do you like about Whitefield?”


“I like to make special presents for my mom and dad.”


“I like to learn. I like to see Jesus!”


“I want to come back again. I want to go to Whitefield again and again and again. A hundred times!”


“I like playing here. I like playing soccer with my brother, he’s six. He’s in kindergarten.”


“I like to play with the toys.”


“We do centers. We went to a center that was a home center.”


“I like chapel. I liked singing in my Christmas concert!”


“We get to play. We play Candy Land. I wish I could go in it!”


“I like painting at art, and I like doing centers. I like to play on the playground.”


“I get to do crafts! My favorite craft was the cutting craft.”


“We get to do centers. You get to play. I love the wooden house.”

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