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Choosing a school for your children can seem like an overwhelming decision.

Even at the early age of 4 or 5, choosing a kindergarten typically decides which elementary school your children will attend which leads to which middle school they will attend which ultimately leads to which high school they will attend.

All of a sudden you’re asking about AP classes and graduation robes!

It used to be a no-brainer for many families to attend the public school down the street.  But today, many parents are finding that the public schools do not meet all the needs of their children.

Once you close the public school door, a whole new world opens up with a slew of questions. What are the differences between non-public schools? Where will my child flourish the most? How do I know?

We know that for these big decisions, it’s important to turn to people who can help. At Whitefield Academy, we have been a staple of education in Kansas City for the last twenty-four years.  We decided to put together a guide to choosing a private school in Kansas City in order to help families make the best decision for their children and ultimately, their children’s futures.

We would love to share this free guide with you! Click here to download.





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