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Christmas Gifts You Won’t Regret Giving 2020

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After a year like 2020, everyone is looking forward to the Christmas season! And once again it’s time for the unparalleled Christmas Gifts You Won’t Regret Giving List! This list is generated by our students, parents, and teachers, and each gift is something that your kids will want to use year after year instead of wanting to throw out after one time. Purchasing some of these items through the links provided will kick back a small percentage to Whitefield Academy!

Outdoor Gifts



Razor RipRider 360  ($113, Ages 5-9)

If your kids bike around with the neighbors, chances are you’ve seen one of these caster-wheeled trikes. Kids can get going as fast as they want and the second they brake, the bike starts spinning and drifting crazily on the back casters. So fun!


bike lights

Bike Lights ($24.99, All Ages)

Kids are having to come inside earlier and earlier these days. Buy them a little bit more time on the cul-de-sac with these fun bike lights! They stick to your spokes and come in a variety of colors.


snow kit

Snow Kit ($19.99, All Ages)

If we have a snowy winter, this is the perfect addition to your snow gear! The kit comes with spray bottles and dye to spray the snow different colors. It also comes with a rectangular mold for building forts and igloos.


model rocket

Model Rockets ($33.60, Ages 10+)

Looking for a whole family activity that ends with a bang? Look no further than a model rocket! This one can fly over 650 feet and has a parachute that pops out at the end.



Scat and Tracks Guide ($7.95, Ages 6-12)

Take your nature hikes to the next level with this tracks, scats and signs guidebook. This guidebooks is great for all seasons and will encourage your kids’ inner detectives to come out!



LED Slingshot Helicopters ($13.99, Ages 5-12)

Grab a handful of these glow-in-the-dark slingshot helicopters and head for the nearest field! Kids will love shooting the copters as far as they can go and retrieving them by chasing the glowing lights.



Kid-Sized Camelbak ($48.94, Ages 3+)

Gotta stay hydrated! Active kids will think this kid-sized Camelbak is awesome. It’s small enough that little kids can use it, and big enough that you won’t need to get a new one when they grow a little bit. Use it for long bike rides, hikes, walks, or camping!


Low-Tech, Tech Gifts


walkie talkies

Walkie Talkies ($22.99, Ages 4-10)

These walkie talkies come in two packs or three packs in fun, bright colors! The flash light is an added bonus for playing outside at night.


metal detector

Metal Detector ($109, 5+)

Whether it’s searching for treasure on a beach or just finding hidden items in your backyard, kids will love using a metal detector! And hey, if they work hard at it, maybe they’ll find enough treasure to pay you back!


knex roller coaster

Roller Coaster Kit ($35.82, Ages 8-15)

These roller coaster building sets come in a wide variety of types and are as fun to put together as they are to play with when you’re done!



Lite-Bright ($12.82, Ages 4-15)

It’s back! Always wanted a Lite-Bright but never had one? Now you can live through your kids and get them one!




felt succulents

Felt Succulent Kit ($20, Ages 13+)

Get crafty with cacti! Your teen can make adorable felt succulents for their locker or room, no sunshine needed!



Binoculars ($19.99, 4+)

Binoculars make everything more fun! Watch sports events more closely, spy on your siblings, or get a closer look at backyard wildlife.


cardboard tools

Cardboard Toolkit ($20, Ages 4-10)

Kid-friendly cardboard cutting tools for turning those Amazon boxes into forts, planes, and whatever else your kids can come up with!


s'mores sticks

S’Mores Roasting Sticks ($10.98, All Ages)

A great gift for the whole family! S’mores roasting sticks are those things that you always think of needing at the last minute. Grab these as Christmas gifts and be prepared for a year of bonfires, hot dogs, and s’mores!



Bird Feeder ($19.58, All Ages)

Having trouble with those Kansas City squirrels getting to your birdseed? Try flaming hot feast! It’s too spicy for squirrels but just right for birds. Kids will love hunting for new birds out the kitchen window!


instant snow

Instant Snow ($7.49, Ages 2-10)

The midwest weather is always unpredictable, so just in case we have a mild winter, you might want to grab some instant snow for a fun indoor activity! This instant snow starts out tiny, but once you add water, it grows to be a fun pile of snow. Let it dry out and use it over and over again.


kc landmarks puzzle

KC Landmark Puzzle ($40, Ages 8+)

Make the most of the time at home with this fun KC puzzle! Put it out on the kitchen table over break and watch how it draws all ages in.



Origami Kit ($13.95, Ages 6-15)

Crafty kiddos will enjoy the ancient art of origami. This kit comes with 350 sheets of paper and an easy to follow guide.


diy eraser

Make Your Own Erasers ($11.94, Ages 4-12)

One of our middle school teachers said this DIY Eraser kit kept her kiddos busy all Christmas last year! Great for a variety of ages and skill levels.


paint by sticker

Paint By Sticker Masterpieces ($9.15, Ages 8+)

While the idea might seem like it’s for little kids, most of Amazon reviews are from adults who love putting these masterpieces together. They even suggest using tweezers for the smallest stickers! Maybe mom wants one!




Q-bitz ($17.19, Ages 4-12)

This pattern-matching game is really popular with our younger students. With 80 different puzzle cards that can be completed in three different ways, your kids will get lots of hours out of this game.


smart farmer

Smart Farmer ($22.99, Ages 4-10)

Moveable individual-play board game that includes 60 different challenges to separate the animals. Great for long car rides!



Tabletop Foosball Game ($59.99, Ages 6+)

This tabletop foosball game is awesome for the whole family! Bring it out for a little family competition after Christmas dinner! And it’s small enough that you can stick it in a closet when you aren’t using it.


gnomes at night

Gnomes at Night ($21.95, Ages 6-10)

Families really like this game because it’s cooperative. Two people work together to move magnets from one spot to another on the game board. There are different levels of difficulty for different ages, and it’s completed fairly quickly.



Blokus ($24.99, Ages 5+)

This four person game is a blast for all ages. Place your colored tiles strategically to maximize your space while pushing out your opponent.



uDog ($99, Ages 13-99)

Our third grade teacher recommended this great, heirloom-quality game! This beautiful game is a combination of a card game and a board game and is simple but gets competitive quickly!


Stocking Stuffers


Stickers ($7.99, All Ages)

Water bottles, laptops, phone cases, bulletin boards, or basically anything is a prime location for a fun sticker. There are so many packs to chose from! America? Yes. All pink? Yes. Flowers? You betcha. These fun stickers will brighten any day, and you can split them up between your kiddos. Win/win.



Whitefield Pom Pom Hat ($25, All Ages)

Spiritwear is a great thing to grab during the holidays! Get ready for those chilly soccer games or windy regattas. Everyone in the family probably needs one.

mini 3d

Mini 3D Figurines ($10, Ages 6+)

Come on, these are cute. Mini 3D puzzles of either a llama, a narwhal, or a sloth.

literary mugs

Literary Mugs ($16, 10+)

Wish you could quote Poe with your morning coffee? Now you can!



LifeStraw ($16.39, All Ages)

With this straw you can drink right out of any lake or stream! So cool!


rainbow notes

Scratch Art Mini Notes ($5.99, All Ages)

How cute are these little guys? Great for little ones or even teens!



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