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College Campus Visits: What to Do and Ask

by | Aug 29, 2018 | College, Education, Upper School | 0 comments

Visiting the campus of a college or university that you are considering is a great way to get a feel for the school and decide whether or not it would be a good fit for you. Here are some tips for your visit as well as some questions that are great to ask.

Before You Go

Visit the admissions web pages of the colleges you would like to visit. These pages should have instructions for setting up a visit. It will also list open house and group visit days. Do your best to avoid weekends and holidays. Seeing students on campus and visiting classrooms are important parts of your college visit and will help you get a feel for what campus life is like.

Setting Up Your Visit

When you set up your visit, ask to visit one class inside your desired major or primary area of interest and one class outside of those interests. Class visits are not always included in a standard tour, so be sure to confirm when and how you can do that. You will want to eat on campus, so ask which dining hall is available to visitors and how you pay. You should also check and see if you can conduct your admission interview while on campus rather than over the phone later.

While on Campus

Remember that campus tours are advertising. Keep everything that is said in perspective. Pay specific attention to the student center and be sure to look at the activity announcement boards to get the flavor of the campus. Also pay close attention to the dorm rooms that you visit. You want to be happy with where you will be living for the next one to four years. While you are on the tour, that is a great time to ask questions, but you should ask the questions – not your parents! Prepare yourself with a list of questions to ask like the ones below or click here for a more extensive list.

Sample Questions to Ask on a Campus Visit

What are the class sizes? How close are the relationships between professors and students?

How many students live in on-campus housing vs. off-campus housing?

Do students spend most of their time on campus or off campus?

How is the food? Do most students eat in the dining hall, make their own food, or eat out? Is there a particular day or meal when food is not served in the dining hall?

What kinds of club sports or activities are available? Which ones are really popular?

What are the most popular evening activities on campus?

Can freshmen have cars on campus? How do parking permits work?

Where do most students study? Dorms, student center, library, coffee shops?

How much time on average do students spend on homework each night?

Do most students who work have on or off campus jobs?

What do you knew coming into your freshman year? What would you have done differently?

Before You Leave

You’ve gone to classes, you’ve seen the student center, you’ve talked to current students, and you’ve eaten the food. Now take a minute to step back and observe. Could you picture yourself here for the next four years? Does this seem like a good fit for you and for your desired major? Sit down with your parents and pray over your decision. Pray for guidance and clarity in your decision making. You are on the threshold of a big decision! Enjoy the moment!


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