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College Planning Checklist: Sophomore to Senior

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It’s almost here! The start of the school year! And while our little kids are picking out lunchboxes and backpacks, our older students are beginning to embark on a time like no other: the college search.

It always starts with the college pamphlets in the mail (much like once you hit 45 and the retirement home brochures start rolling in). Who knew there were so many options? You could try upstate New York! Or California! How about a gap year in Europe? Or maybe a year in the inner city of Chicago? The opportunities are endless.

But before you pull out a map, close your eyes and point, there are a number of things that need to be done in order to be ready for college. Even that list seems endless! While the outside of school things are important, such as cooking and paying bills (check out our post “Ten Things You Should Be Able to do Before College”), there is a whole slew of crucial things that you must do even before the applications are all sent in.

So, if you’re a sophomore, junior or senior, a parent of one, or a student wanting to prepare early, take a peak at our College Planning Checklist below to get yourself on the right foot with college planning.

Click below to download our College Planning Checklist for sophomores through seniors!

college CTA

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