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Do Pre-K and Kindergarten Really Matter?

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Often times our choice of a Pre-K or Kindergarten are made out of convenience.

“Which school is the closest?”

“Which school is the cheapest”

“Which school offers the hours I need?”

But what we often don’t realize is that Pre-K and Kindergarten really become the foundation of our children’s entire education. These grades set the stage for how our children are going to learn and how they’re going to interact with their peers and teachers. It can even be the beginning of lifelong friendships!

At Whitefield Academy, our parents recognize how important these early years are. Our students come from all corners of Kansas City. Many families drive long distances because they want a classical Christian education for their children. So we decided to ask these Pre-K, Transitional Kindergarten, and Kindergarten families, “Why do you like the early grades at Whitefield so much?”

One of the things I love most about Transitional Kindergarten at Whitefield is how high expectations are joined with developmentally appropriate academics, behavioral expectations and spiritual foundations. The genuine love the teachers have for the individual child and care given is exceptional. Kids are still allowed and expected to be kids, while also growing every day a little more into who God wants them to be. It’s beautiful to see.

Christa, Mom of Whitefield Academy Second Grader and Transitional Kindergartner

I appreciate the way my daughter has been seen and loved right where she is. The teachers strive to help, support, and challenge the children in a productive and purposeful way. Across the curriculum, from the classroom to art, music, PE, and library, I truly appreciate that the lessons always come back to God’s love and care for them. To cap it all off, my daughter knows that her teachers love her.

Katie, Mom of Whitefield Academy Fifth Grader, First Grader, and Kindergartner

Mrs. Metcalf is excellent! I love knowing my daughter is in a safe and nurturing environment.

Holly, Mom of Whitefield Academy Pre-Kindergartner

We were a part of another Pre-K that was very results-oriented and Isaac was terrified to go everyday. It broke our hearts. With Whitefield, he feels loved and known and feels free to be his goofy self.  The first thing to comes to mind about Jeremiah, our oldest, is how I hear him singing four lines of a classic hymn from memory or reciting chunks of Scripture under his breath. It’s amazing to me that he is being formed in a way that this is second nature to him. That kind of formation is absolutely priceless.

Mark, Dad of Whitefield Academy Pre-Kindergartner and Kindergartner

I’ve been very impressed with what my daughters have learned in Whitefield’s Pre-K and Kindergarten, but more than that, Whitefield teachers have formed deep and lasting connections with them. These teachers love my daughters enough not only to make them feel safe and at home in the Whitefield community but to give them individual attention to ensure they will reach Whitefield’s high standards of excellence.

John, Dad of Whitefield Academy Second Grader and Kindergartner

Whitefield Academy has blown my expectations out of the water.  The academic focus, intent on teaching the whole child, and intensity of God’s love is profound.  My children are being nourished in their mind, body, and spirit through intentional lesson planning, instruction, and communication. I could not be more happy with the education they are receiving.

Rebekah, Mom of Whitefield Academy Pre-Kindergartner and Kindergartner

We chose Whitefield because of the school’s classical Christian education, small class size, and the option of half-day Kindergarten. We’ve been so impressed with all our son has learned in the classroom, including writing in cursive, memorizing phonograms, Bible verses and poetry, spelling and beginning to read, and a higher-than-typical level of math. We love the spiritual education – the way Whitefield weaves God and God’s love for us into every subject and aspect of school life. I sense the teachers and staff at Whitefield genuinely care for our kids and desire their success. 

Kristen, Mom of Whitefield Academy Kindergartner

I’m impressed by all of it, but if I had to pick one thing I’d say the feeling of community. It’s scary sending your four-year-old away for an entire day into a building filled with strangers. But those strangers quickly became friends, from the teachers to the older kids, I could see they really cared about Wes. I can’t tell you how many times I picked Wes up and an older kid was helping him put on his backpack or running out his lunch box! 

Ashley, Mom of Pre-Kindergartner

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