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Fellowship of the Field

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In the book of Acts the Apostle Peter is on a rooftop when Christ says to him in a dream “And there came a voice to him: “Rise, Peter; kill and eat.” – Acts 10:13

In our modern culture and conveniences most of us do not have to rise kill and eat. However, there is something powerful when we go out and harvest from the field together. It is communal. It is a challenge; it is rewarding, and it deepens our respect for the fact that something God created gives its life for us to live.

On September 27 three students from Whitefield Academy and their fathers went to do exactly that. They were hosted by Duckhorn Outdoors Adventures. The mission of Duckhorn Outdoors Adventures is to get people unplugged and outdoors. Tristan Campbell and Mike Goodnow, Ethan ‘Lefty’ Alexander and Lyle Alexander, and Ethan Disney and Walter Disney were hosted by Duckhorn. Each of the lads were shown firearm safety, trained on clay pigeon throwers to prepare them, and set out on a field hunt. Each of the lads harvested their first pheasant, a significant milestone! They further engaged the hunt by participating in a continental hunt where birds are deployed from a central location and the lads are stationed at a fair distance circumferentially around it. Each of them came home with a harvest of birds and the food they provide.

It was not only a great experience in the natural procurement of food, but it was incredible fellowship where the bonds of our Christian brotherhood grew stronger.

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