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Free and Smart Summer Fun in Kansas City

by | May 23, 2019 | Book List, Holidays, Kansas City, Parenting, Reading, Summer, Uncategorized | 0 comments

Gone are the days, unfortunately, of working in the fields all summer. Now, as parents/cruise directors, we have to make sure that our kids are filling the lazy summer hours with activities that are brain-stretching rather than brain-rotting.  Here is a slew of great tips and links to free and smart summer fun in Kansas City.

In Kansas City, we are lucky enough to be in the middle of three different library systems.  Take advantage of all the events they have to offer plus some great reading programs that can earn you prizes and free books!  That link even includes other local reading programs where you can earn other freebies.

To earn those free books you might enjoy reading a new way with audio books! Popping in a CD while your kiddos lie in front of the air conditioning vent is a great way to take a little break in the afternoon.  Here’s an extensive list of audio books for elementary schoolers

Feeling the need to get outside? Follow this Whitefield mama’s plan for the summer of 100 parks, a great free challenge for you and your kids to accomplish.  And if it’s a little too hot for a park, try out one of these free splash pads!

If you have older kids, you’ve probably suggested at one point or another that they get a summer job.  This huge list of summer jobs for teens is full of tried and true options plus some your teen might not have considered.  If you’ve got some industrious little ones in the house, they might enjoy looking over our suggestions for summer jobs for elementary schoolers list.

And every summer our family always has to address the issue of technology. When can we use it? What kinds can we use? If you have a kindergartner or younger, this post on kindergartners and screen time is a great resource for making those decisions.  If the issue for your family is older kids and video games, our art teacher, Matt Appling, weighs in with some great thoughts on harnessing the power of video games.  Struggling with teens whose eyes are on their phones rather than on the expensive beach vacation? Read this post on smart phones, social media, and teens.  And if you’re just entering the summer and wanting some encouragement and guidance on boundaries and tech, read how this mom is making technology work for her family.

Whether it’s snuggling up on the couch with a new read-aloud book as a family or watching the kids run around the splash pad, hopefully these tips will make filling your summer days off with free and smart fun a little easier!



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