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[This is the second in a series of three blog posts taken from Lydia White’s devotional, The Attributes of God for Kids.]

As Christian parents, we don’t want our kids growing up thinking about how great they are but how great their God is!  So how do we teach our kids the gospel in this culture of self? Point kids to the character of God.

God is…good

God is the standard  to determine what is good and what is not. God’s ultimate goodness was shown through Jesus’s life and death on the cross.

How can we know what is good and what is bad? By getting to know God we learn how to love good things. God is good, but people are not. We are born sinful. No matter how hard we try we can never be as good as God. 

The moon is 238,855 miles from Earth. If you could drive a car to the moon it would take you almost 6 months to get there. That’s really really really far away! Now imagine that your baby brother tried to reach the moon by jumping. He wouldn’t reach very high. Imagine that you jumped. You’d reach a little higher. If your dad jumped, he’d reach even farther, and if a basketball player jumped, he’d reach even farther still. Did anyone reach the moon? Not the baby, not you, not your dad, and not even the super tall basketball player. It is SO far away that no one, no matter how tall or how strong, can ever jump to the moon.

Just like no one can jump to the moon, no one can ever be as good as God. No matter how hard you try or how many good choices you make, you will never be good enough to meet God’s perfect standard. That’s why God came to Earth as a man, Jesus. Jesus lived a perfect life and met God’s standard of goodness. When we accept Jesus’s goodness instead of trying to be good on our own, God rescues us from our sinful life. God gives us two good gifts: freedom from sin and eternal life with Him.

You are not good enough. You will often make wrong choices, and you can never be as good as God. But Jesus meets God’s perfect standard and offers to exchange your sin for His goodness when you trust Him with your life.

Paul David Tripp in his book Parenting said, “The chief reason God put parents in children’s lives is so they would know Him.” So let’s teach our kids who God is! 

Lydia White is a Whitefield mom of two. She is the author of a devotional for kids ages 4-11 titled, “The Attributes of God for Kids” available on Amazon. www.attributesofgodforkids.com


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