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This is the third in a series of three blog posts taken from Lydia White’s devotional, The Attributes of God for Kids.]

As Christian parents, we don’t want our kids growing up thinking about how great they are but how great their God is!  So how do we teach our kids the gospel in this culture of self? Point kids to the character of God.

God is…wise.

Because God is omniscient (He knows everything), good, and loving, He is also all-wise. God knows and does what is best for His glory and for our lives.

No matter how smart you get, you will never be smarter than God. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to think that you know best or that you don’t need God’s wisdom to make choices. That’s called pride. Every day you make choices: obey your teacher or be disrespectful, share with your sister or argue, do your homework or be lazy, eat healthy food or junk food. As sinful people we often act based on what we want: talk back, be selfish, play games instead of doing homework, eat lots of candy. But if we have filled our minds with God’s truth, we can learn to act based on His wisdom. We learn to respect authority, be kind, work hard, and treat our bodies well.

God is like a shepherd who takes care of us, His sheep. We don’t know where the best grass is to eat, but God does. If we follow Him and His wisdom, He will lead us to fields of green grass. But if we try to be our own shepherd, we will get lost and our feet will get stuck between rocks. When you get lost, call to your Shepherd, God, who will always come find you! He saves us from being too independent and reminds us that depending on His wisdom is best.

Paul David Tripp in his book Parenting said, “The chief reason God put parents in children’s lives is so they would know Him.” So let’s teach our kids who God is! 

Lydia White is a Whitefield mom of two. She is the author of a devotional for kids ages 4-11 titled, “The Attributes of God for Kids” available on Amazon. www.attributesofgodforkids.com

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