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God’s Unchanging Nature

by | Nov 18, 2021 | Theology | 0 comments

 [This blog post is taken from Lydia White’s devotional, The Attributes of God for Kids.]

As Christian parents, we don’t want our kids growing up thinking about how great they are but how great their God is!  So how do we teach our kids the gospel in this culture of self? Point kids to the character of God.

God is…unchanging

He stays the same yesterday, today and forever!

Have you ever gotten better at something that used to be hard, like sharing with your brother or sister? Perhaps you used to cry when you had to share. As you’ve grown, you’ve learned that taking turns is loving and kind.

It’s fun to get better at things that used to be hard like tying your shoe. For us humans, change can be good, but God is different than we are. He doesn’t need to get better because He is already the best. He cannot get better at loving because He never changes. He defines what perfect love is.

Have you ever changed your mind? Maybe pink was your favorite color yesterday, but today your favorite color is red (and yellow and sometimes pink). Sometimes it is ok to change your mind, but if someone changes their mind often it can be frustrating. Imagine that yesterday your teacher said to raise your hand to talk, and then today she says to shout out the answer, and then tomorrow she says to not talk at all. You would never know what you were supposed to do: raise your hand, shout, or be quiet. You would be confused and want your teacher to stop changing her mind!

God is not confusing. He doesn’t change His mind, so you always know what He is like and what He wants you to do. He stays the same yesterday, today, and forever. Even if you or people in your life change their minds, remember that God doesn’t change and neither do His plans for you. 

You are secure. God’s truths and promises won’t change. God’s love for you will never leave, and His forgiveness won’t be taken back. You do not need to worry about changes in your life because God holds you secure – always.

Paul David Tripp in his book Parenting said, “The chief reason God put parents in children’s lives is so they would know Him.” So let’s teach our kids who God is! 

Lydia White is a Whitefield mom of two. She is the author of a devotional for kids ages 4-11 titled, “The Attributes of God for Kids” available on Amazon. www.attributesofgodforkids.com



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