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Junior Year from the Eyes of a Transfer

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During finals week, one of our Juniors who transferred into Whitefield this year, Emma Pesek, came into the office. “Is there anything you all need me to help with?” she asked, needing to kill some time between finals. I perked up. “Sure!” I answered. “Would you be willing to write down what you think of Whitefield as a junior transfer student?” She happily complied, taking a white piece of printer paper and a pen and plopped down in the foyer for a few minutes to jot down some bullet points. Here’s what she said:

The First Day of School

I remember coming into the school on the first day and every teacher prayed sincere prayers to our Lord before every class. This helped me know that I wouldn’t be doing my school work just to get it done, but I would be doing it for Christ.


This school has pushed me to do things completely out of my comfort zone, but it has also made me so happy that I did them when I was finished. My Junior Thesis and my Homily are particularly what I am thinking of here. These are things I would have never done, but the teachers helped me so much and continually showed me that I was doing all this work to God’s glory. A truly amazing thing about this school is the teachers and their love for Christ. They are so easy to talk to and trust.


The love for Christ is not only demonstrated in the academic part of this school but in the athletics as well. I played volleyball and soccer this year and had two amazing coaches who lovingly pushed us to do our best. Playing sports at Whitefield allowed me to see a whole new perspective of playing sports. Praying before every game reminded me once again that I am doing everything in life, including sports, for the glory of God.

Coming to Whitefield was the best decision for me. It has allowed me to grow so much in my spiritual life, and it has helped me develop a love for academics and sports in a whole new way.

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