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Remembering September 11th

by | Sep 12, 2019 | Classical Christian, Education, Holidays, Kansas City | 1 comment

Every year at Whitefield Academy, our students, faculty and staff invite first responders from Kansas City to gather around the flag pole and remember the events of September 11th, 2001.

At this memorial service, one eleventh-grader is asked to give an address based on what impacted him or her the previous year at the 9/11 Memorial Museum in New York City. This year, Cameron Weeks gave the following address:

Good morning faculty, students, and first responders. My name is Cameron Weeks, and I am a Junior here at Whitefield Academy. This past Spring I had the opportunity to visit New York City for the first time with Mr. Appling and the rest of my class. On one of the last days we were there we visited the 9/11 Memorial in Lower Manhattan.

Since I wasn’t alive when 9/11 happened, I have grown up only knowing the effects of it. I’ve heard stories and seen the events played back on TV, but I’d not experienced it first hand. That’s why going to the 9/11 museum was memorable; I was able to see what the people saw and hear what they heard.

As you make your way through the memorial, you can see remains from the buildings and keepsakes that the victims’ families have given to the museum, but it’s when I got toward the middle of the memorial and entered a room surrounded with pictures of the victims on all four walls that I was hit the hardest—just seeing the people who lost their lives. They didn’t know when they left for work that morning that they wouldn’t be coming home that night.

As you walk out of that room and into another there’s a phone that you can pick up and hear the calls of the people who were in the buildings and on the flights. I can’t even imagine actually being on the receiving end of one of those calls. I didn’t even know these people, and I was heartbroken. One thing that I noticed as I walked through was one of the keepsakes that a family had donated: a baseball glove. It immediately caught my attention. As I was reading through the story I suddenly thought about this man’s family. Who would play catch with his son? It was this moment that made me realize the severity of the events that occurred on September 11, 2001.

This is a day that we remember not only for the innocent lives lost but also for the bravery of the first responders who preserve our safety every day without a second thought. To all the people that work so hard to keep us safe, thank you. 


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  1. Sharon Nowlin

    Very impressive! Brought tears to my eyes! What a wonderful way to honor our first responders and remember those who died on September 11, 2001! Thank You Whitefield Academy!


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