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Rowing in the Basement: Athletics During COVID-19

by | Apr 9, 2020 | Athletics, Classical Christian, Middle School, Parenting, Uncategorized | 1 comment

We love Whitefield Academy!  Not only are our 3 kids (twelfth grade, ninth grade, and seventh grade) able to continue their school year online through Zoom classes, but they are also able to continue their new sport – rowing!

Working Out At Home

Our amazing coaches set up Zoom workouts 3 times per week during their normal practice time.  Our kids join their coaches and other student teammates online to do multiple sets of leg, ab, and arm workouts. Our family also borrowed an erg (rowing machine) from the school and our family, including my husband and I, have been rowing at home.  The WA Crew, along with parents and siblings, joined the Concept 2 – World Erg Challenge 2020, and we are competing with over 650 teams from Mar. 15 – Apr. 15 with multiple prizes at stake, including a new erg for the school.  Each person logs his or her meters and times online, and it has turned into our family getting more physically fit!

Unexpected Blessings

Who knew that in this strange season of Coronavirus (COVID-19) my husband and I could join with our kids in being more physically active, and possibly win an erg for our school?  We’ve enjoyed being a little competitive within our family as we log meters online.  I’m thankful that our school is going above and beyond what we expect to connect with the students, engage in something worthwhile and have a little fun in the process!

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  1. James Laney

    So, Kazmaiers, how’d you do in the Challenge?


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