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Serving Kansas City: Whitefield’s Serve Day

by | Oct 10, 2019 | Classical Christian, Kansas City, Parenting | 0 comments

“Oh, I am so glad you came to see us today! I don’t get to see kids your age very often,” said the resident of a senior living facility to my first grade daughter. The first and second grade classes had come to the senior living facility for Serve Day. And based on this one resident’s response, they truly served these seniors with their songs and story readings.

Serve Day

There are many things I love about Whitefield Academy, but one of my favorites is Serve Day. Once a year, the whole school – Pre-K through 12th grade – heads out into the community to serve. They do not let their young age stop them from serving others. Songs and visits from little ones blessed a dear lady who we met that rainy October day in 2015.

As a Parent

I love that it is significant to our school that our kids are taught from an early age that it is important to serve others. I love that my kids have the opportunity to learn about various non-profits and ministries in their city. Last year my son’s fourth grade class cleaned up a community garden and learned about programs offered by the YMCA in the local area while my daughter’s third grade class worked at a non-profit second-hand store actively involved in the community. I love that parents keep an eye out for potential Serve Day sites throughout the year; these service opportunities are important to them too.

A Big Impact

Our school uses Serve Day as our big Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF) fundraiser. Instead of asking students to sell cookie dough or wrapping paper or asking a family member to sponsor X amount of laps around the track, we ask for sponsors as we serve! This year the funds we raise will help with necessary technology upgrades around our school. In years past we have purchased playground equipment, installed new paper towel dispensers, put awnings up over doorways, purchased books for the library, installed new carpet throughout the school, and our big goal last year was to reupholster the pews in the chapel.

This Year

Our students will head out into the greater Kansas City area today and will serve at over a dozen different locations. I have participated as a parent in this event almost every year since we started at Whitefield. My worldview has expanded as I have gone out and served with my children, and I know other parents feel the same way.

How to Pray for Whitefield

Please pray for us this year as we serve:

  • Pray for our safety on the roads and at multiple sites.
  • Pray for eyes and hearts to be open.
  • Pray for those we are serving, that we might be a blessing to them.


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