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Serving the City: Whitefield Academy Serve Day

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Serve Day has become a staple on the Whitefield Academy calendar. Kids come to school bright and early, ready to serve our local Kansas City community. Whether it’s our little students singing for grandmas and grandpas at local nursing homes, our middle school kids working in food banks and public gardens, or our high schoolers cleaning up brush and organizing clothes at a shelter, our students love being the physical hands and feet of Christ on this day every year.

But this year…it’s a little different.

We debated. Do we still do Serve Day? How do we make it work with all the city ordinances and rules? How do we keep our kids safe as well as the people we are serving safe?

But this year…we knew we had to serve.

Our city is desperate for service. We are all desperate for compassion, love, patience, acceptance, kindness, and peace. We are desperate to feel God’s love and purpose in a time when everything is uncertain.

So a small group of moms came together to plan Serve Day 2020. They cautiously found new projects, spread out the assignments, and planned, re-planned, and re-re-planned to make sure all of our students would have opportunities to be servants in our city. We are so grateful that Serve Day will be happening this year. If you would like to donate to the cause, follow this link.

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