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Summer Reading List from Whitefield Academy

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There’s nothing better on a hot day than sitting inside with a good book! Whether you’re pulling one off the shelf for the tenth time or headed to the library for something new, summer is the perfect time to read. If you’re having trouble finding a good title or need some new books for your kids, Whitefield Academy’s Reading List is an amazing resource.

You’ll notice that the list is organized by Lexile Level. Many years ago we noticed that our students were doing an excellent job decoding words when they read but their comprehension level was lower than we wanted. So we incorporated the Lexile system, an individualized system where students are regularly assessed and paired with a Lexile number. All of the books in our library are also paired with their own Lexile number based upon difficulty. Students simply need to match up their own number with hundreds of books in the library either at their number, a little below, or a little above. Reading slightly below their Lexile scores can help students improve speed, and reading slightly above provides a bit of a challenge. But knowing their number allows students to freely chose from a variety of books that are tailored for exactly where they are. And when students read at their appropriate level, they actually increase in skill more quickly than if they are reading lots of books that are too easy or getting frustrated with books that are too hard.

We can’t wait to see everyone back in the classroom in August!

Click below for the Whitefield Academy Reading List!

reading list cta

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