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We love the KC Royals, and a field trip to “the K” is a way to support our local team. It also gives us an opportunity to build camaraderie and team spirit in our own Whitefield community. For these reasons, we have developed a couple of special annual traditions around the Royals.


4th Grade Field Trip

The first of these is the annual 4th Grade field trip to School Day at the K. Mr. Chace, the 4th Grade teacher, began doing this 6 years ago, and this year they were joined by the 5th Grade. The children get to witness science demonstrations on the field, the magnificent stadium and all it offers, and of course the excitement of the game itself. “The whole experience holds a sense of excitement and wonder for the children,” comments Mr. Chace.

Several of his students reflected on the field trip. Recalling the science portion of the event, George said, “We saw some trash cans blow up 75ft into the air.” He went on to say, “In the Hall of Fame, we got to see jerseys and other items that belonged to the most classic players, and also the two World Series trophies.” Phoebe told of how amazing the stadium is because it’s so gigantic. She added, “We even got a ride in a golf cart with one of the workers.”  Noah stated that maybe the best part was cheering with your friends, especially at the seventh inning stretch. “Being there in person makes it different. It makes it more exciting.” 


Mother-Son Outing

The other Whitefield tradition that celebrates the Royals is the annual mother-son event organized by the PTF. Last weekend they went to see the KC Royals take on the NY Yankees. 

One mom commented, ‘It is really special to see our boys get so excited and spend time with their classmates outside of school, in a stadium full of people who love our city and our Royals and lose all inhibitions trying to get on the jumbotron! Even the people around us were smiling watching the boys and moms interact with one another.’

Go Royals! We’ll be there to support you again next year!

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