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The Summer of 100 Parks in Kansas City

by | Jun 6, 2019 | Elementary School, Kansas City, Parenting, Summer | 0 comments

Summers fly by. My twin first grade daughters and I start talking about summer goals in April and May.  Last summer they each wrote a Top Ten Wish List of the things they wanted to do. This summer we decided to follow a theme: parks. One Hundred Parks this summer is our goal.

I compiled our list from a few different places including the KC Parent blog and the KC Parks Department, and at least one park has been a spur of the moment thing as we were driving home on a road trip.

 So far I like this challenge because it isn’t expensive, and I have had an opportunity to get to know new communities. Parks often reflect the neighborhood and people in the area, so I am enjoying being able to get to know my kids better too through the questions they ask and the things they notice about their surroundings.

 I’ve tried to ask them specific questions to help them fully appreciate each park. Questions like: Why do you think the park was designed like this? Was it a good idea? Was it clean? What does every park have in common? What do we like about Parks? Swings, slides, sandboxes? SHADE?

 We’ve documented our parks by taking pictures next to all the signs, and I’m using the Unfold app to digitally scrapbook as we go. I’m hoping that our twins and our two year old remember this summer as one that was full of new adventures.


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