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Top 5 Children’s Bibles

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Not all children’s bibles are created equal. This becomes clear after you receive ten different lackluster versions for births, baptisms, birthdays, etc. Teaching our kids God’s Word is serious business for we “know that we who teach will be judged with greater strictness” (James 3:1). We need to be careful that the Bible stories we read, even to little ones, proclaim the whole, true picture of God’s Word.

Fortunately, there are some authors who take teaching God’s Word to children very seriously. Here’s a list of the top five children’s Bibles that are beautiful and enticing children’s Bibles your kids will look forward to reading every night.


The Big Picture Story Bible

By David Helm

Age Infant to Six

big picture story bible

  • Illustrates the “big picture” of the Bible, making connections between the Old and New Testaments by focusing on God’s promises and how he fulfills them, particularly through Christ.
  • Broad and sweeping, often covering a lot of ground with a few words.
  • Very colorful illustrations that cover entire pages with minimal text. However, if blond, non-ethnically accurate Bible characters bother you, you might want to pass on this one. But there is a plus that two CDs are included so your kids can listen to the text (if you still own a CD player).


The Jesus Storybook Bible

By Sally Lloyd-Jones

Age Two to Eight

  • Connects each story back to Christ with connections that are so clear and obvious that the adults reading it wonder why they never saw them before.
  • 44 separate stories covering a large majority of the Old and New Testaments with a significant amount of text per page.
  • Beautiful illustrations with characters who actually look Middle Eastern. This is a particularly good Bible for parents who are looking for a more racially inclusive Bible.


The Story Bible

By Gail Pawlitz

Age Three to Eight

  • Stories stick closely to the Biblical text with very little interpretation added in, often using Scripture word for word.
  • Covers a variety of stories, including the prophets, and each story also has applicable vocabulary words, questions, activities, and even a short prayer.
  • Prides itself on having loads of big, realistic illustrations that sometimes look like photographs. The detail of the pictures is very helpful for explaining what life was like in Biblical times.


The Barnabas Children’s Bible

By Rhona Davies

Age Four to Ten

  • For those who have graduated from story Bibles but aren’t quite ready to read the real bible on their own
  • Includes 365 separate stories, at about half a page each, with connecting scripture references in the margins. Enjoy stories that are often overlooked in children’s bibles like the evil kings of Israel and Judah, the Proverbs, the years in exile, Christ’s parables, and the early church.
  • One picture for every two pages, so not every story has a coordinating picture.
  • Bonus of a children’s Bible encyclopedia in the back.


Mighty Acts of God: A Family Bible Story Book

By Starr Meade

Age Six to Twelve

  • Introduces children to theological terms and concepts with lots of easily understood explanation. Following each story are some suggestions for how parents can lead a discussion about it.
  • 90 stories in all, including some stories uncommon to children’s bibles such as the story of Rahab, Jeroboam’s idols, and the Philippian jailer.
  • Each chapter spans about three pages and has one large picture and one small picture.

Your kids will love any of these five children’s Bibles, and you will be happy knowing that you are feeding them with solid Biblical teaching!

Here’s another great Bible story picture book read by Whitefield Academy Pre-K teacher, Katie Metcalf. Click to watch!

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