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Transferring During COVID: What Parents are Saying

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Many parents were in the same boat in August of 2020. The same sinking/exploding/lifeboatless boat called the USS Education. Do we homeschool? Do we wait for our public school to open back up? Do we finally make the leap for Christian school? Do we buy an RV and take the year off?

When Whitefield Academy opened our doors for in-person school in August, we had a number of new families. Some of these families had been planning on Whitefield for years and were finally getting their kindergartner in the classroom, but some of these families had only just made the decision that month and had multiple kids in a variety of grades transferring in.

No matter how you slice it, coming to a new school can be overwhelming for kids and for parents. So, since the beginning of the year, Whitefield has hosted a number of in-person parent coffees for new families to come into the building and fellowship with faculty, staff, administration and other parents. It’s served as a time for questions, encouragements, excitement and praises as these new families sipped on coffee and shared their hearts. We are so thankful for our new families who shared the following comments with us:


“We love and are so grateful for the community here. Even with a pandemic, during the last two months our family has been invited to more parties and get-togethers than we ever were in our four years in public school.”

“We’ve been homeschooling, but my daughter is so social that we knew we had to get her in the classroom! She told me that I was alright but being at Whitefield is ‘Amazing!'” We love that she is so happy here, and as a homeschool mom, I appreciate so much that parents are encouraged to be involved in their child’s education.”
“Adjustment to his first year in High School and to a new way of learning at Whitefield has definitely been difficult, but in the best way possible. The challenge is in a warm, safe environment and he is definitely growing and learning. We are so thankful for Whitefield and the learning experience that is offered here.”
At Whitefield Academy, we are grateful for all our new families and are so happy that they have found a place in our community!




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