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Summer is here, and if your goals include relaxation, giving your kids healthy outdoor time, fellowshipping with other families, and building fun memories with your kids, here is an idea that could prove to be just the ticket for summer 2022 – make a plan for visiting lots of amazing (free) KC parks! 

Here are some ideas to help launch you on your KC summer adventure:  

  1. Decide what amenities are important to you – age-appropriate play equipment? splash pad? walking track? Then check out either this post on the KC Parent blog for details on a wealth of parks, or look at the KC Parks Department website for inspiration regarding which parks to visit.
  2. Read and be inspired by the exciting experience of one Whitefield mother who made a family project out of visiting 100 parks one summer:  The Summer of 100 Parks.  
  3. As mentioned in the above blog post, try documenting the parks you visit by taking pictures next to the park signs. You could even create a digital scrapbook to share with family far away. 

If you don’t feel like going it alone, invite another family along! We all need a break sometimes, so consider trading park visits with a trusted friend! 

Finally, PTF has already organized one park visit for Whitefield families. The All-School Park Day is being held at Franklin Park on Saturday June 25th from 9 -11 am. Everyone should wear their red 2021 Serve Day shirt and come enjoy a popsicle with friends!

Whether you make it to just this one park date, or to many more besides, enjoy making memories this summer that will remain in the hearts and minds of both you and your kids for a long time to come.

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  1. Casey D

    I can highly recommend:
    • Kill Creek Park for some excellent hiking trails that are paved or unpaved.
    • Big Bull Creek Park (Edgerton) with some amazing trails through ancient hedge trees


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