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What I Wish I Had Known Before Going to College

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Though the hours seem seem to be going slowly during this stay-at-home order, our Seniors are still barreling toward the day when they pack up their cars, hit the road, and become Freshmen. In order to encourage a strong transition from high school to college, some of the faculty and staff at Whitefield Academy weighed in with things they wished they had known before leaving for college.


Mrs. Katie Theiss
English, Great Books/Humanities

I wished I had listened to the still small voice of the Lord.  Make decisions that are right for you in the will of the Lord and not what you think the world is telling you to do.  Find a group of friends that encourage, inspire, and stretch you just as you do for them.


Mr. Mark Wampler
Bible, English, Rhetoric l

Getting decent grades without applying yourself and without forming good habits is not succeeding, even if everything looks ok on the transcript.


Mrs. Sarah DeConink
Calculus, Algebra, and Physics

I wish I would have known that going to college was more about getting an education than it was about getting a diploma. It’s about the learning, not the grade.


Mr. Jim Selby
Dean of Academics, Humanities and Rhetoric

I have errors in my thinking and I do not know what they are.  To find them and adjust or correct my thinking requires discourse with folks who think differently than I do.


Mr. James Laney
Family Outreach Educator, Astronomy

I wish I had known that ALL truth is God’s truth, and that I would be smart, indeed wise, to take FULL advantage of access to my professors, AND all the variety of activities available to me, even those outside my comfort zone, both on campus and in the surrounding community.


Dr. Matt McIntosh
Upper School Head Teacher, Bible

Somethings I wish I would have known not only before I went to college but throughout graduate education and much of professional life, are the following:

Giftedness is great but it won’t matter if you don’t show up; a good work ethic often times means more than a stellar intellect. The achievement of accolades matters most to people who don’t know you.  Said another way, awards and titles mean the least to the people who matter the most. College is a time to learn to feed your heart, soul, and body.  Don’t underestimate the importance of the spiritual and the physical while working on the academic. Also, find your life partner and get married ASAP.  I’m joking…sort of!


Mrs. Rachel Obenhaus
WA Receptionist

The amount of time and energy and freedom can be used for so much good! College isn’t about what you see in the movies and on TV. And it isn’t about you! God has good, Kingdom work for you to do in that time! Use the good gifts He has given you for your good and His glory!


Mrs. Heidi Skinner
WA Registrar

If there’s something you want to try, this is the time to do it- clubs, fraternities, sororities, sports. No other time do you have so many choices! And your college friends can be some of your lifelong, best friends so take the time to invest in those friendships.


Mrs. Jill Coates
WA Human Resources/Office Manager

College is a time to learn. So take classes that you are interested in. And for those classes that you have to take but don’t find interesting don’t be afraid to ask someone in the class to help you study. Also make sure your counselor at your college is out for your best interest and that you build a relationship with them beginning your Freshman year.  Take as many classes as you can (core and electives). You’re paying for it, so get the most bang for your buck.


Mrs. Becky Peterson
WA Finance Administrator

Take fun electives. You never know what you’ll love!

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