Portrait of a Whitefield Teacher

Teachers at Whitefield Academy are passionate evangelical Christians who love Christ, are joyful, encouraging, nurturing, have a happy disposition, and exude love for children. They are calm in tone, action, and decision-making, and are firm when needed. They are committed to a life-long pursuit of professional excellence. They take initiative by seeing what needs to be done and help or provide assistance without being asked.

Click on the title of the position for a full job description. If you are interested in a listed position, please send your résumé along with your request for an application to Jill Coates at [email protected].


Substitute Positions

At Whitefield Academy we are always looking for substitute teachers who love classical Christian education. If you are interested in being on our substitute list, please send your résumé along with your request for a Substitute Teacher Application form to Jill Coates at [email protected].

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