Family Outreach Education (FOE)

Family Outreach Education


The focus of Family Outreach Education (FOE) is to include parents more and more fully in our Christ-centered, classical learning community. We foster this process by offering to parents, and grandparents, a variety of opportunities to learn.

Saturday Saunters

Saturday Saunters are a great opportunity for grandparents, parents, and their students to explore together something of cultural or infrastructural interest in the larger Kansas City community. Visits to hidden jewels like the Linda Hall Library, crown jewels like the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art and Union Station, following the Civili War historic markers throughout the city, tracking the Three Trails (Santa Fe, California, and Oregon), and infrastructure tours of a power plant, the train yards, the Missouri River barge system, a bakery or a roasterie will all be included over time.

Fireside Chats

The Fireside Chats are evenings spent in the Annex Commons with a faculty member to learn more fully about how we understand and teach one of the seven liberal arts that form the core of a classical Christian education. The seven liberal arts include the Trivium or Language Arts (Grammar, Logic, Rhetoric) and the Quadrivium or Mathematical Arts (Arithmetic, Music, Geometry, Astronomy).

Monday Night Classes

The Monday Night Classes are an opportunities on three successive Mondays to delve more deeply into the topic of the previous Fireside Chat in a classroom setting similar to what your student experiences. The class will be led by the teachers who presented their thinking at the Fireside Chats.

Reading Circles

These are informal meetings to read and enjoy conversation over a good book at a coffee shop, in your home, or at Whitefield Academy. This is now the fourth year for these circles and they continues to be quite a rewarding time together. Selected texts have ranged from the Great Books to C.S. Lewis. Contact Mr. James Laney if you’d like to be involved in one ([email protected]).


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