Financial Aid

The Value of a Whitefield Academy Education


At Whitefield Academy, we believe every child deserves the benefit of a classical, Christian education. Because the cost of tuition is always a significant consideration for families, we appreciate the financial commitment that our families are making. In order to honor our families, we make our school as great of a value as possible, and we do everything we can to assist families who wish to be here.

The cost of educating each student is actually about 14% higher than our tuition rates, the difference being made up through private gifts. In addition, as a community of teachers and parents, we raise gifts for a generous scholarship fund.

Financial Aid Specifics


Whitefield’s financial aid program consists of partial tuition credits and is reserved for families who sacrifice to make Christian education a priority in their budget but remain unable to meet the full tuition obligation.


Financial Aid Application Process


  1. Apply to enroll first. An enrollment application with accompanying fees must be submitted to the school before a family can apply for financial aid via FAST.
  2. Apply to FAST via our website as early as February 1 and no later than August 1st. Click here to access FAST.
  3. Applicants need to mail copies of prior year tax records directly to FAST before an award can be determined.

If FAST and Whitefield Academy are unable to meet the financial needs of an applicant, most of the initial $355 enrollment fee may be reimbursed.

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