Belle arbuckle

  • Attending College of the Ozarks, majoring in Early Childhood and Elementary Education
  • Favorite Class, Spanish, “is always a boost of energy and we’re constantly laughing.”
  • Favorite Memory: Being too short in stature, along with Olivia C, to rent a tandem bike in Central Park on the 10th grade NYC trip. “We laughed and laughed.”
  • Advice to students: “Cherish each and every moment.”

Ruby Jane Bartmess

  • Attending Wheaton College, majoring in Communication/Art History
  • Favorite Activities: Worship Team and Spirit Club are “amazing opportunities to serve and encourage the student body.”
  • Favorite Upper School Memory: The Winter Retreat for “its worship, renewal, relaxation, and laughter; and the fellowship and breakfast provided by our teachers.”
  • Advice to students: “Savor all that makes Whitefield unique, one day you will look back and wish you could spend just one more day.”

Andre bauer

  • Pursuing a gap year with an emphasis in theater, followed by attendance at Benedictine College, majoring in Theater, Music Performance, and possibly Foreign Language
  • Favorite Lower School Memory: A surprise trip to Franklin Park
  • Favorite Class: Film Theory, “We delved into an awesome subject with a professional director.”
  • Advice to students: “Do what you enjoy.”

Olivia ChaCe

  • Attending Kansas State University, majoring in Social Work
  • Favorite Class: Bible, “with discussion of deep theological issues in a spiritual environment.”
  • Favorite Activity: Yearbook, “helped me grow in skills with writing, interviewing, photography, and graphic design and I am now able to help out the younger students.”
  • Advice to students: “Invest in everything, academically and in the community” and, “take time to know others.”

Paige Dodd

  • Attending Baylor University, majoring in Pre-Business-Marketing
  • Favorite Activities: Soccer and Volleyball “allowed me to get to know girls from all grade levels and I will take all that I learned on the court and field and use it to be a leader and team-player.“
  • Favorite Lower School Memory: Recess, playing Greek goddesses or fairies and also playing foursquare, which “sometimes got pretty intense.”
  • Advice to students: “Get to know someone new; saying hello, a smile, or a conversation can start a friendship that one day you will hope to never lose.”

olivia eby

  • Attending Kansas State University, majoring in Business
  • Favorite Class: Bible, “Our class got to ask each other important questions.”
  • Favorite Activity: Volleyball, “the sport is fun to play; I liked the team spirit and all of the girls’ and coaches’ different personalities.”
  • Advice to students: “Get involved in the community and embrace your time while here.”

emma claire jones

  • Attending Taylor University, majoring in Philosophy, Political Science, and Economics
  • Favorite Activity: Dances “were always a blast and really helped unify our class.”
  • Favorite Class: Bible, “I come to class and think deeply about God and His creation. It has helped me connect my faith to my actions.”
  • Advice to students: “Don’t be afraid to try something outside of your comfort zone … Whitefield is the best place to try it.”

Eli lee

  • Attending Wyoming Catholic College, pursuing a Liberal Arts degree
  • Favorite Class: Art History “gave a broad view of art and culture.”
  • Favorite Upper School Memory: Making dinner for the senior class with Nick and Andre’
  • Advice to students: “Apply yourself to the community” and make sacrifices, “to pass that up is a missed opportunity.”

kyla lindsey

  • Attending College of the Ozarks, majoring in Elementary Education
  • Favorite Activity: Rowing, “As students we got to do really hard things together.”
  • Favorite Class: Greek, “We searched for truth together and Mr. Metcalf really cares about us.”
  • Advice to students: “Ask questions, our teachers really want to help you.”


  • Attending Trinity Christian College in Chicago, majoring in Art Therapy
  • Favorite Activity: Sports, especially getting to know people outside the classroom setting
  • Favorite Memory: Playing football with Ruby and the boys at recess
  • Advice to students: “Take advantage of the opportunities at Whitefield; there are so many of them.”

Lauren Reynolds

  • Attending Samford University in Alabama, majoring in Health Care Administration
  • Favorite Activity: Basketball, “We had fun at practices and I loved playing in games.”
  • Favorite Class: Art History, “I enjoyed this class and the ability to recognize the art that I see.”
  • Advice to students: “Transferring in as a senior, writing a thesis was daunting, but the teachers are always here for you and when you put in the work, it’s not bad at all.”

Nick Schwarz

  • Working full-time and pursuing part-time education, considering business and meat science
  • Favorite Activity: Soccer, Dr. Mac is “really nice and a great coach.”
  • Favorite Lower and Upper School Memories: The Greek Feast and Antigone
  • Advice to students: Go on class trips, though they can be expensive, and attend all retreats. “It’s fun to be with your class and the rest of Upper School outside of the normal class time.”

Brendan Thoele

  • Working full-time and taking classes, Art or a related field is a possible career.
  • Favorite Class: Humanities with Mr. Selby, “Our class had amazing discussions.”
  • Favorite Lower School Memory: Aftercare, being outside and playing on the blacktop
  • Advice to students: It’s always best “to do homework to get all the information. Life would have been easier if I had done what my teachers asked me to do.”

Cameron Weeks

  • Attending Spurgeon College, majoring in Business Leadership
  • Favorite Upper School Memory: Winning the league soccer championship. “Our team put in a lot of work and time, sweating in 90-degree heat. It was such a good feeling to win.”
  • Favorite Class: Art History, is “an interesting topic that I did not expect to like, taught by a fun teacher.”
  • Advice to students: “Enjoy it, time really flies by.”