1st – 6th Grade

Looking for a Christian Elementary School in Kansas City?


Looking for a Christian Elementary School in Kansas City? You are in the right place. We refer to Grades 1-6 as our Lower School or Grammar School.  Every day classical Christian students acquire skills they will use throughout their education and indeed, throughout their lives. The skills of literacy, numeracy, and critical thinking are taught and used in many contexts, and students engage with them creatively, thoughtfully, and carefully. There is never any busy work.

Young children, grades Kinder Prep through 6th, are able to memorize information quite easily. You may see this as your child quotes their favorite movie or song after only a few viewings or commits the stats from their favorite sport to memory. The classical method cultivates that God-given ability and teaches the child how to gather and use factual information. Some examples include memorization of phonics for reading and spelling, rhythmic chants for grammar rules, poetry and scripture memorization and math tables.

Whitefield students enjoy a loving, supportive, nurturing, and faith-filled atmosphere, in order to develop and internalize Christian virtue.


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