International Students

Whitefield’s International Student Program


Knowing that the addition of an international student to any class will enhance the education of that student and his classmates, Whitefield hosts several international students for a number of years, beginning as early as 8th grade.

Whitefield parents and students welcome international students into their homes, treating them as part of their family.

Currently we are hosting three students who come from different areas of China. In the past we have had two international students from Germany and one from Brazil.

Benefits to All


There are tremendous spiritual, social and academic benefits for our international students, the families who host them, and their Whitefield classmates.

  • The international students assimilate English language skills and the Americans learn how to assist in language acquisition
  • Many international students have never heard of Christ or met a Christian and are exposed to a new and true world view
  • American Whitefield students are given opportunities to be understanding, patient and generous with their time and academic skills
  • Many of the students establish lifelong friendships
  • Students continue on a path to become lifelong leaders in their communities around the world

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