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If you’re looking for a great kindergarten in Kansas City, you’ve come to the right place. Kindergarten is a year of high adventure for our students. It is typically during this year that they will put together the phonograms they have learned and suddenly see a word in the wild. The excitement of them reading that first word unaided is precious.

During their Kindergarten year, more emphasis is placed on acquiring academic skills but still in the context of fun. They learn while having fun, but soon enough, they will transition to having fun while they learn.

Music, Art, and Physical Education are essential aspects of a classical Christian education. Age appropriate skills are taught. In Art, we emphasize creativity, rather than cookie-cutter handcrafts.

This is a vital year for students to demonstrate increasing maturity, understanding and responding to instructions, and a developing awareness of the needs of others. In every way we can, we demonstrate the love of Christ, and show our students how they, too, can love one another as Christ has loved them.

More about the Whitefield Kindergarten program:


  • Parents choose between five mornings per week or five full days per week.
  • Children must turn 5 before or on September 1 to be eligible for Kindergarten at Whitefield.
  • School begins at 8 am and ends at either noon for half-day or 3:05 for full-day.
  • Students may arrive as early as 7:30 if needed.
  • Aftercare is available after school hours until 5:30.
  • A trained aide is present for most mornings and when needed for additional activities.
  • Teacher student ratio is 1:10 when the class is full on weekday mornings.
  • Hot lunch is available five days per week if the student attends any full-days.
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Our son and daughter entered Pre K and Kindergarten as typical 4 and 5 year olds: happy, excited, and mostly self-absorbed (as is normal for their age). Yet throughout the year, we saw maturity develop, not only academically (wow, off the charts!) but spiritually, as we watched them grow in love and concern for others. The teachers at Whitefield have partnered with us as parents, working together to develop each of our children into the young boys and girls God has created them each to become. Our children are loved, cared for, led gently and wisely, taught with great intentionality and purpose and have been given great tools to become mature young men and women who will make an impact for the Kingdom.
Melinda Smith

Whitefield Parent

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