Grades 7-9

It can be difficult to find a good Christian Middle School in Kansas City


It can be a challenge to find a good Christian Middle School or Junior High in Kansas City, one that understands what adolescent students need to thrive. Young adolescents naturally strive for independence and love to debate and argue. In these years, also known as the Logic Stage of emotional, physical and cognitive development, children develop abstract reasoning ability. At Whitefield, students learn to develop and examine arguments in every subject. In 8th-grade, students take a year long formal logic course to develop and solidify their reasoning ability. Thus, our students are able to take the “data” they have memorized in earlier grades and use it to develop thoughtful ideas.

These are important years in a child’s maturation. We take special care to work through matters of the faith. We want our students to take ownership for their decisions and to think through those choices using a Biblical frame of reference.

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