Looking Ahead to Middle School

A Community Where Your Child Will Thrive

The entrance into middle school is perhaps one of the toughest transitions children encounter in all of their years of education. The reality is that middle school arrives at a time when your child is going through rapid physical, social, emotional and cognitive changes. For many children it means they are leaving familiar and comfortable environment of the elementary school for the unknown world of middle school with its new responsibilities and demands.

So how do parents navigate these years keeping their kids safe and in check, while also keeping their sanity?

Watch this on-demand webcast as we highlight tips and strategies for parents to help young pre-teens successfully navigate the new terrain to middle school! During this webinar, we will discuss:

  • Why parents should be concerned about their child’s middle school years

  • Benefits for your child when they experience a healthy middle school environment

  • Tips for parents and students as they balance new demands and opportunities

If you know a family or friend who is looking ahead to middle school, please let them know that this resource is available.

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