Lower Resources

Lower School Resources

Your one stop shop for all documents, forms, and resources pertaining specifically to lower school students and their families. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Don’t forget to to check All School Resources.

Lexile Parent Letter

An explanation of the Lexile measures that we use for reading.

Cursive vs. Manuscript

An article by Wanda Sanseri on the difference teaching cursive makes.

Read Aloud for All Ages

An in-depth list of many of the benefits of reading aloud to children of all ages.

Basic Phonograms

A guide to the 70 basic phonograms as well as 29 spelling rules.

Is Handwriting on the Wall for Cursive?

A Kansas City Star article by Cindy Hoedel on cursive.

Skill Set Grades

A brief guide to the numbered skill set grades.


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