Mission Trips

Training Compassionate Leaders


Whitefield Academy has a long tradition of service. We strive to reach our goal of educating Critical Thinkers, Clear Communicators and Compassionate Leaders by dedicating time, resources, mentoring and prayer to our students’ outreach activities.

Our students grow as compassionate servants and leaders on mission trips across the US and abroad.

Seventh Grade

Our seventh graders travel to La Monte, Missouri to lend a hand at the Show-Me Christian Youth Home, a therapeutic home for at-risk youth. Whitefield students spend the week serving the Show-Me students by doing yard work and other projects around the property.

Ninth Grade

In ninth grade, the emphasis has been on leadership training and learning initiative and responsibility through performing projects for others in need. Recently our 9th graders have traveled to Sagrada Bible Scholarship Camp in Lincoln, Missouri, where they provide labor to prepare the camp for the upcoming season. Through jobs such as building a fire pit, designing and creating a play area, and fixing worn out fencing, the students learn how to orchestrate and manage projects. Students have also raised funds before the trip to be able to bless the camp by meeting certain needs such as purchasing a new mower and fixing a worn out dock.

Eleventh Grade

Whitefield’s eleventh graders have traveled to several overseas locations, including, most recently, Bermuda, Haiti and Trinidad.

In Bermuda, students worked alongside a Bermudan Nazarene pastor and other workers to assist in church building and evangelism. In one-on-one conversations and group meetings our students built relationships with others and also assisted in projects to improve facilities.

In Haiti, they joined American and Haitian partners with Global Orphan Project to minister to children of all ages. They found special connection in singing and sharing Christian testimonies with other high school aged students at a training school for life skills. Playing tag and soccer, braiding hair, and holding babies made for a meaningful time at multiple orphanages.

In Trinidad, our eleventh graders worked alongside indigenous staff and volunteers of the Trinidad and Tobago Urban Ministry.  Whitefield students developed and led Bible school camps, preached at a boys prison, presented their personal Christian testimonies, and performed skits at schools. The Whitefield Children’s Home was built with our students’ sweat equity from the years 2004 through 2012.

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