Seventh Grade FAQ

Seventh Grade FAQs

Switching from sixth grade to seventh grade is a big deal at Whitefield Academy! We want this transition to. be as easy as possible for our students as well as our parents. Here are a few frequently asked questions that we want to make sure you know the answers to.

Q. Where do I pick up my Upper Schooler?

A. Upper School lets out at 3:20, 20 minutes after Lower School. Upper School parents may go through the carpool line at 3:20. If there are younger students to pick up, you may go through the line twice.

Q. What is the House System?

A. Our Upper School students are sorted into four houses: Dante, Homer, Milton, Virgil. Seventh grade students will be sorted into their house during the first few weeks of school. We use the houses to create community within the Upper School.

Q. What is a buddy class and what do the buddy classes do?

A. Each grade 1st-12th has a buddy class. Seventh graders are buddies to first graders, eighth with second and so on.  The classes step up with each other each year. Throughout the year there are times set aside for buddy classes to interact such as Games Day in the fall, Christmas Crafts in December, and Board Games Day in the winter. Seventh graders begin to learn leadership skills as they interact and guide the first graders through a given activity.

Q. What are Headmaster’s Lunches?

A. Headmaster’s Lunches are on Mondays during lunch time. Dr. Johnston eats lunch with an Upper School class each Monday in order to get to know them and dialogue with students about all sorts of topics. FACTS/RenWeb and lunch calendars publicize the schedule. Pizza and soda are provided at no cost to the students. Students may bring additional food for themselves for this lunch.

Q. What are retreats and when do they take place?

A. At Whitefield we know that spiritual formation occurs both inside and outside of the classroom. Twice a year, once in the fall and once in the winter, the Upper School faculty and students set aside time to “retreat” together at a local retreat center. Students interact in an authentic way with their class, house, Upper School, and teachers. We worship, hear from a speaker, spend time in small groups, and have fun!

Q. What do class trips look like in Upper School?

A. Class trips are an extension of the learning we do in the classroom. Each April during our Trips Week, our Upper School goes out into the world for service or cultural trips. Seventh graders head to the Show-Me Christian Youth Home in LaMonte, Missouri. For close to 20 years, Whitefield Academy 7th graders have served at Show-Me. We do whatever needs to be done to support the ministry. Seventh graders are typically gone for 3 nights and 4 days. The cost is not included in tuition or fees and is usually $150. Trip planning will begin early in the school year. See for more information about Show-Me.

Q. When do 7th graders get their locker?

A. Students will be assigned lockers on the first or second day of school. Students select their locker during a designated time beginning with seniors and ending with 7th graders.

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