Spiritual Life

Spiritual Life

Self-Consciously Christian

We are founded, governed, administered and staffed by men and women dedicated to the proposition that, “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge” (Proverbs 1:7).

Basic to this “fear of the Lord” is an understanding of who God is and who we are in relation to Him—something indispensable in a truly Christian education, as well as in all of life.

We believe that the Christian faith is foundational to every aspect of life and thought.

Our classes are taught with the appreciation that every concept, fact, or theory we teach must have as its basic presupposition that the inerrant Scriptures truthfully reveal the sovereign Creator God. Thus no area of study can be abstracted from the Christian faith.

At right, we see four of our high schoolers praying together at the National Day of Prayer event held in Leawood on May 5th 2022 where our choir was invited to sing.

Our students, who come from across the spectrum of Christian traditions, find our Bible classes and chapel services to be uplifting and affirming, while also challenging them to a faithful Christian life in which Christ is preeminent.


Chapel is a weekly event for Lower and Upper schools. Each chapel service features hymns, prayer and a message given by a teacher or member of the Whitefield community. On special occasions, such as Christmas or Reformation Day, chapel is an all-school event.

Biblical Study

Each class has a specific Bible curriculum ranging from the study of important Biblical figures and tenets in the earliest grades to apologetics and hermeneutics in the upper grades.

Spiritual Retreats

Twice a year, the Upper School Faculty and students spend two days together away from school for spiritual encouragement and community building. Students spend time in prayer and worship as well as playing games. Some of the most powerful moments in a Whitefield student’s life happen on retreats.

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