Summer Learning Program

Join our Christian Summer School and Learning Program

Summer Tutorial Enrichment

Keep your student engaged and learning this summer in Whitefield Academy’s Christian summer school and learning classes. Students meet with teachers at Whitefield or at a mutually agreed-upon site, such as the public library. Classes may begin as early as May 30 and will vary dependent on students’ academic needs.

All are taught by Whitefield faculty or alumni with the goal of strengthening students’ skills and preparing them for the upcoming school year.

We recommend our Summer Learning Program for:

New Whitefield Students: Transitioning to any new school can be a challenge. Give your new student this opportunity to become familiar with the curriculum used at Whitefield to ease into this new environment.

Homeschool & Other Students: Extend your student’s learning into the summer months and improve their aptitude in a variety of subjects. Our programs are designed to assist a student with completing key concepts from their last grade or introducing concepts vital to the next school year.

Current Whitefield Students: Strengthen skills and reinforce learning through the summer. Our focus will be on preparing each student for the fall semester.


Fourth–Sixth Grades learn to write with excellence using methods of the great minds of history while solidifying grammar and spelling skills.


First–Third Grades strengthen phonogram knowledge and use in reading and spelling while improving grammar and handwriting.

Fourth–Sixth Grades strengthen phonogram knowledge and usage in reading and spelling. Practice in Shurley Grammar sentence patterns to strengthen skills.



Fourth–Sixth Grades practice to improve fluency, comprehension, paraphrasing, vocabulary building skills and use of basic reading skills.



First–Sixth Grades practice math facts, drills and concepts while increasing speed and accuracy.

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