Trivia Night Fundraiser 2022

Trivia Night Fundraiser

Sunday, March 27th from 5:00pm-8:00pm

Johnson County Arts and Heritage Center

8788 Metcalf Ave, Overland Park, KS 66212


Whitefield Academy’s Trivia Night Fundraiser is the best night of the year! Come party like it’s 1995 and join us as we raise money for the Whitefield Fund. Dinner will be provided by Waldo Pizza, followed by three rounds of trivia and a fundraiser presentation. Scroll down for more details.

If you need an individual ticket, please contact Rachel Hutson at rachel.e.h[email protected] and she will help you find a great team to join!

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One Table with 10 Seats
Dinner and Drinks

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3 Freebies
1 per Round
1 Set per Team

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Product Raffle
Logo Promos

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The Details


All tickets are sold by tables of ten for $250. You can purchase a table yourself and invite grandparents, friends, and neighbors, or split the cost of the table with 9 other people (tickets are not able to be split online). All table sales include dinner and drinks for ten people. Please note that this is an “adult only” event.


Dinner will be a variety of pizzas from Waldo Pizza as well as salad. There will be gluten free and dairy free options. Beer and wine will be served as well. All food and drink are included for ten people when you purchase a table. You are welcome to bring your own snacks, appetizers, treats, party favors, etc! Anything that you need to make the evening fun for you and your guests.


The overall theme for the evening is “Party Like it’s 1995!”, the year Whitefield began. Let that theme guide your overall table decor and name. Trivia Nights are known for having clever names, so whether you’re “Yo Quiero Trivia” or “Gettin’ Quizzy With It,” remember that the team with the best overall costumes, decor, and name will win the coveted Spirit Award. Our student refs and Trivia Night hosts will vote on their favorite team. If you want to decorate your table early, the space will be open starting at 2:00pm.


No, not all the trivia will be 90s themed. We will have three rounds of ten questions. The questions will range from history to pop culture to classical education and Disney. You never know what you might know! The harder the questions get, the more points they are worth.


At Whitefield Academy, tuition covers the school’s daily costs to ensure that every child receives an exceptional classical Christian education. While facility maintenance, curriculum, and salaries are vital aspects of education, donations to the school are a practical way for the community to provide more than the essentials. The Whitefield Fund is the school’s general fund that supports additional elements like expansion, renovation, scholarships, and debt reduction. Our goal for Trivia Night is to raise $100,000 for this fund. There will be a pause between the second and third round of trivia to hear from two of Whitefield’s stellar teachers on why the Whitefield Fund is so impactful, so please prayerfully consider your giving.


Mulligans are freebies that are available for purchase here and at the door. For each $50 Mulligan pack, your table will receive three stickers, one for each round. These stickers act like a correct answer, giving you the points for the question without having to answer it. During the fundraiser break, tables who have 100% participation in giving will receive an extra Mulligan to use during the third round. There is not a required amount of giving to receive the free Mulligan, just 100% participation of the couples or individuals at your table.

Business Packs

Business Packs are separate add-ons available to businesses represented in our community. The purchase of a Business Pack is tax deductible. Purchasing Business Pack #1 gives your business the opportunity to be one of our Event Sponsors! Your logo and name will be on all signage and social media promos for the event, on the main screen during the event, on all answer sheets at the event, and mentioned numerous times throughout the evening. You will also have the option of donating an item or gift card from your business for a raffle for more recognition. Business Pack #2 gives your business the opportunity to be a Round Sponsor. Your logo and name will be on one round’s answer sheet, verbal mention during that round, and multiple social media mentions. You will also have the raffle option. Business Pack #3 gives your business the opportunity for verbal mention at the beginning of the evening, multiple social media mentions, and the raffle option. Please note that these packs do not include a table. If you have any questions related to the Business Packs, please contact Rachel Hutson at [email protected].

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