The Value of a Whitefield Academy Education


At Whitefield, we believe every child deserves the benefit of a classical, Christian education. Because the cost of tuition is always a significant consideration for families, we appreciate the financial commitment that our families are making. In order to honor our families, we make our school as great of a value as possible, and we do everything we can to assist families who wish to be here.

The cost of educating each student is actually about 14% higher than our tuition rates, the difference being made up through private gifts. In addition, as a community of teachers and parents, we raise gifts for a generous scholarship fund.



Application & Enrollment Fees

New Student Application Fee $50 Due prior to assessment and acceptance

Re-Enrollment Fee (per family) $335 If paid by March 1st, 2018

Enrollment/Re-Enrollment Fee (per family) $355 Due with application

A portion of the enrollment fee may be refunded if the family is unable to enroll their student.


Annual Tuition
1st child *
2nd child
3rd child
4th child
5th child

**Pre-Kindergarten – T, W, Th mornings

$3,430 $3,083 $2,945 $2,808 FREE
– Each additional half-day session $490 $440 $421 $401 FREE
– 5 full days $6,860 $6,166 $5,891 $5,616 FREE
**Transitional Kindergarten – 5 mornings $4,410 $3,963 $3,787


– Each additional half-day session $490 $440 $421 $401 FREE
– 5 full days $6,860 $6,166 $5,891 $5,616 FREE
**Kindergarten – 5 mornings $4,752 $4,290 $4,060 $3,831 FREE
– Each additional half-day session $582 $526 $498 $470 FREE
– 5 full days $7,664 $6,919 $6,549 $6,179 FREE
Lower School – grades 1-6 $9,921 $8,486 $7,766 $7,046 FREE
Upper School – grades 7-12 $10,840 $9,283 $8,498 $7,713 FREE

*1st child tuition applies to the highest-grade level enrolled.

* *While full days are recommended, this is the minimum enrollment for Pre-K, TK and Kindergarten. 

  Please contact Mrs. BJ Williams ( or call 816.444.3567) to discuss your enrollment needs. 


Academic & Activity Fees
Pre-K- K
Grades 1-6
Grades 7-12
Academic Fees $267 $598 $801
Activity Fees $120 $134 $445
Total Fees $387 $732 $1,246


Academic fees cover books, classroom supplies, field trips, learning projects, technology and computer upgrades, national testing fees, and lab supplies. Activity fees cover the administration of our Fine Arts and Athletic programs, faculty and staff appreciation gifts and luncheons sponsored by Parent Teacher Fellowship, student retreats, shuttle maintenance and yearbook publishing.

Academic and Activity Fees are non-refundable.


Mission/Cultural Trips (7th – 12th) 

Amount dependent on grade and trip.



Non-Discrimination Policy

Whitefield Academy does not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity or national origin in the administration of its policies, programs, and scholarships. Whitefield reserves the right to select students on the basis of academic performance, religious commitment, and personal qualification.


Discretionary Costs

School uniforms and lunches are not included in tuition or fees. Additional costs may be incurred based on participation in certain activities such as mission and cultural trips,  tutoring, and class or school parties. Your family may also elect to purchase other items such as school pictures, spirit wear, or event admission.


Financial Aid and Scholarships

Financial Aid consists of a limited number of partial scholarships for families who qualify. Whitefield’s aid program is reserved for families who have sacrificed to make Christian education a priority in their budget but remain unable to meet their tuition obligation. A new application with financial data is required for each
school year.

The admissions process, including payment of the enrollment fee, must be completed before financial aid is awarded. A Financial Aid Application must be submitted by March 1 through FAST using the school’s website. You must upload copies of your most recent year’s tax records directly to FAST before a final award is determined. Families new to Whitefield should complete a financial aid application as soon as possible.

Scholarships may be available for students not eligible for financial aid. The criteria for these scholarships include academics and student status.

Generally, the total amount of funds awarded to each family is limited to forty percent of tuition and fees. This limit allows everyone in the school community to share in the cost of education.


Payment Schedule and Related Fees

Whitefield requires that families select and sign a Tuition Agreement detailing payment of their tuition, and fees. Payments are made by automatic bank withdrawals (ACH).

  • Plan 1 Annual: The balance is to be paid in full by July 1. A pre-payment tuition reduction of $150 per student is granted provided no financial aid is awarded.
  • Plan 2 Semi-Annual: One half of the balance is due by July 1, remainder due December 1. A pre-payment tuition reduction of $30 per student per semi annual payment is granted provided no financial aid is awarded.
  • Plan 3 Monthly: The balance is to be paid over eleven months beginning in June and ending in April, or ten months beginning in July and ending in April. Parents may elect to have payments withdrawn on the 10th or 25th of each payment month.
Withdrawal Policy

Whitefield Academy is supportive whenever a family decides they must voluntarily withdraw from school during the course of an academic year. In such a case, the school will retain all tuition through the end of the month of withdrawal. Fees are non-refundable.

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