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Our classical objective is to teach students how to think, rather than what to think. In small classes of 20 or fewer, we educate 230 students in Kinder Prep through 12th grade in a Christian perspective Take our virtual tour below to learn more.

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Worship, prayer, Scripture, learning. Each student is taught in a classical, Christ-centered environment in order to train and raise up critical thinkers, clear communicators, and compassionate leaders. The classical method is not dependent upon a student’s abilities but his or her willingness and desire to learn and grow. For 25 years, Whitefield Academy has been growing bright minds and affecting change in the community and the world.

What is Classical Education?


What is classical education? Historically, classical education has been defined as the method of education that uses the seven Liberal Arts as its core. These seven Liberal Arts are divided into two categories. The first three arts are called the Trivium—Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric. They are concerned with the training of the mind. To read more about classical education click here.


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The highest quality education for the price in the Kansas City Metro Area.

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We believe every child deserves a classical, Christian education.

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