Why Classical Christian?

What is Classical Education?


What is classical education? Historically, classical education has been defined as the method of education that uses the seven Liberal Arts as its core. These seven Liberal Arts are divided into two categories. The first three arts are called the Trivium—Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric. They are concerned with the training of the mind.

Grammar is the art of inventing and using symbols. Another way to say this would be the art of elementary encoding and decoding or beginning reading and writing.

Logic is the art of critical thinking or being adept at seeing the true relationship between facts or events.

Rhetoric is the art of effective communication. As a term, “Rhetoric” today may have a negative sense, but we use the term only for the positive idea of effectively communicating the truth to others in a way that engages their imagination to act on the truth—to change their behavior in response to what is right.

The remaining four Arts called the Quadrivium—Arithmetic, Geometry, Music, and Astronomy—are concerned with training students about Matter.

  • Arithmetic concerns the study of discrete objects.
  • Geometry concerns discrete objects extended.
  • Music studies discrete objects in motion.
  • Astronomy considers discrete objects extended and in motion.

Today’s classical schools continue to teach about Matter or Creation but a multitude of arts are used. Arithmetic and Geometry are studied along with Algebra, Trigonometry, Functions, and Statistics, and Physics has replaced Astronomy. In addition we have added Life Science, Earth Science, Biology, and Chemistry. All of these arts align with the purpose of the historical Quadrivium, which was to produce well-rounded men and women who are critical thinkers, clear communicators and compassionate leaders.

As a classical Christian school, we believe that all knowledge finds its true meaning when understood in the light of redemption. God, as creator of the cosmos, has imbued it with meaning. Our role as scholars is to uncover the true meaning and significance of every subject, fact or theorem as it displays the glory of God.

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